Spring is approaching, making it the beginning of the season of AC tune ups! Knowing that their system is still running, most homeowners fail to seek maintenance services. What most people don’t know is that the regular AC tune up is essential in ensuring smooth and efficient performance all summer long. In fact, tune ups are the best investment you can make, saving you time, money, and future emergency break downs.

Clean to bring back proper and longer-lasting function
Dust and debris continue to build up on parts of your system over time. With pets that stay at home, your system may need extra attention. These external factors lead to restricted air flow, forcing your system to work harder and consume more energy. Your technician works to clean your unit and change the filter to ensure that your system is performing at its fullest efficiency.

Avoid big problems and even bigger bills
Your system contains important components that require special maintenance and inspection. If these parts get worn out, weak, or become loose, it can be dangerous and lead to bigger inconveniences. Let your technician properly inspect your system for loose electrical components to eliminate high costs in the future.

Keep your home cool and comfortable
We inspect your refrigerant levels, which should be properly insulated to ensure cooling of your AC. Make sure your AC is cooling the way it’s supposed to and the way that you like it by receiving a tune-up.

Don’t let your problems go unattended this season. Receive your AC tune up now to prepare for the hot Texas summer. My AC San Antonio offers the Ultimate Savings Agreement to help get your system safe, healthy, and efficient. Check out our agreement here http://myacsanantonio.com/maintenance/ or call us at (210) 303-1777 to book an appointment or ask us any questions!