The fan in your thermostat is required for cool air to circulate throughout your home. What homeowners are most concerned about deals with the two most common settings on a thermostat: ON vs. AUTO… the difference could be costing you more money on your electricity bills.


In short, ON means that the fan is constantly, well… on, pushing the air throughout the home consistently. In contrast, AUTO means that fan moves automatically during your home’s heating and cooling cycles. Once the preferred temperature is reached, the fan automatically turns off until the next round.


Below is a more detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of each setting:

The ON setting produces better air quality due to particles being eliminated from air by being constantly circulated. This setting ensures that all points of your home will have evenly distributed air, increasing you and your family’s comfort levels. The big con to this setting is that your fan is always consuming energy, increasing your energy bills.


The AUTO setting turns on and off when needed, conserving energy. This setting uses the least amount of energy while still trying to maintain the same amount of comfort. The con to the AUTO setting is that turning the fan on and off again may wear the fan over time. The quality of air also suffers due to pollen and dust being able to remain in the air.


Using the information you know about the settings and its pros and cons, you can determine which settings are best suited for each home situation. You may use ON if you prefer the highest quality air or you may use AUTO if saving money is your priority. A third option is switching between these settings, using ON while you’re at home and AUTO while you’re away. If you’re unsatisfied with those options, consider in investing in a variable speed handler. This runs constantly, giving you the benefits of the ON setting, but can operate at different speeds, giving you the benefit to be more energy efficient.


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