Not only does having a programmable thermostat help you be in full control of your comfort, but it can also help you save money. When used properly, these smart thermostats can end up saving up to 15% on your heating and cooling costs. To ensure that reap all possible benefits of your programmable thermostat, follow our tips below. And if you are looking for some news read about west ham vs bournemouth.

Determine what the optimal temperature is and set it during awake hours

Researchers have found that the optimal temperature between energy savings and comfort is 68 during the winter and 78 during the summer. Everyone has different preferences of comfort so you can use this information as a point of reference on what is your optimal temperature is.

Set your thermostat during away hours

Just for at least eight hours a day, programming your thermostat 7 degrees from its regular setting can save you up to 10% on heating and cooling a year. Depending on the make and model of your programmable thermostat, attempt to program the settings for the times that you are away to cut costs on your energy bills.

After determining your optimal temperatures and setting up your schedule, be sure to set these temperatures to start from 30 to 60 minutes before you arrive or leave your home. That gives your thermostat and your home time to cool or warm up to that temperature.

Follow our tips to begin your journey of significant savings on your heating and cooling costs. If you have any additional questions regarding programmable thermostats or need a quote or service, call My AC San Antonio at (210) 303-1777 today!