Your system might not be quite ready yet for an upgrade, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use these tips and tricks to save money on cooling this summer. With some basic HVAC knowledge, you can perform these basic maintenance tasks that’ll lead to a smoother and cooler summer. For more details you can read about embarc resorts and club intrawest.

Maintaining Your System

One of the most significant maintenance tasks that will ensure proper airflow of your system is to regularly replace your air filter. Make sure you follow your manufacturer’s directions on what type of filter to buy and how frequently you should replace it. In addition to replacing your filters, it’s beneficial to invest in annual AC tune-ups. Contact us for a tune-up today where our technicians will ensure that your system is working at optimal levels.

Prevent the Heat from Coming In

Your system cools your home by removing heat from the air. Don’t let your AC work harder just to regulate your home’s temperature. Instead, consider keeping doors and windows shut as much as possible. Leave curtains closed so that no additional heat flows through. As for indoors, avoid using appliances or machines that adds heat to the atmosphere.

Make sure to always call for air conditioning repair if you notice your system making any strange and unusual noises. The noise may be an indicator of low refrigerant levels, loose connections, or leaky areas. Contact My AC San Antonio today – (210) 303-1777 – where our licensed technicians will make the necessary repairs for the utmost comfort and affordable energy bills!