Summer is coming and My AC San Antonio is here to help you determine what you need to make sure you’re prepared. We all know how hot Texas gets and it’s best that we make sure our AC systems won’t fail on us when we need it most. Below are our main suggestions:


  • Replace your air filters – Not only should you be doing this to prepare for summer, but you should be doing this regularly throughout the year to ensure good indoor air quality and unit efficiency. If you fail to replace your old and dirty air filter, your system will work harder just to maintain comfort levels. Forcing your system to work harder will increase your energy bills and that’s the last thing you want during the summer!
  • Make sure your coils are cleaned – Ensuring your evaporator and air conditioning coils are cleaned are a must for your system’s ability to cool properly. Just like the air filters, this is essential in allowing your system to have an easy operation.
  • Have your system inspected – Getting your system inspected regularly is a sure way to ensure that your system is working up to standards and reduces the amount of emergency repairs. Make sure you get your ductwork and condensate drain inspected to prepare for the summer.
  • Improve your cooling system – If you don’t already have one implemented, a programmable thermostat is great way to increase comfort levels and reduce electric bills. It allows you to maintain your temperatures no matter where you are. Other things to consider are adding insulation, replacing and sealing windows and more. These improvements are all factors that contribute to your comfort while saving you money.


Whether you need an inspection for summer or don’t have a clue on what you need, My AC San Antonio is here to help. You can reach one of our expert techs at any time by calling (210) 303-1777!