Most homeowners disregard their HVAC system until a major issue arises, but these costly emergencies can be avoided with regular tune-ups. If you understand the importance of getting your car regularly maintained, your air conditioner is the same concept. When your system goes without maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections, dust and debris will naturally accumulate and your system’s efficiency can drop down to as low as 20%.

Not only will tuning up your system ensure peak performance but saves you money on your heating and cooling bills AND prevent future breakdowns and emergencies.

Our Home Service Plans has a 20 step tune-up process that includes four of the most critical aspects:

  1. The refrigerant level is checked. Correct levels insure cooling efficiency.
  2. Capacitor strength is measured. Correct strength supports efficient electricity usage and prevents motor and compressor failures.
  3. The A/C drain is checked for clogs. Clogged A/C drains can cause major damage to homes if the drain pan overflows and leaks through ceilings and onto flooring and furniture.
  4. The condenser is cleaned. A clean condenser increases cooling capacity and lowers energy consumption.

The special cost of this service is only $199.00 a year! Don’t wait until your system breaks down to call in for professional help, avoid these expensive emergencies by getting your system tuned up now. Call My AC San Antonio today at (210) 303-1777.