Although almost every home and business in America has a heating and air system, many fail to realize how vital it is to maintenance your system regularly. My AC San Antonio breaks down the many, many benefits you receive with this simple maintenancing procedure:

  • Saving money – when you maintain your system, your system will be working more efficiency when it comes to adjusting the temperature of your home. When your system can work more smoothly, it will use less energy eventually resulting in lower heating and cooling bills for you. Not only do you save money with your bills, but you can prevent expensive repairs in the future.
  • Prolonging the life of your system – with some routine maintenance, you can also prolong the life of your system by several years. We all know that new HVAC equipment can be quite an investment, so maintain your system and get your money’s worth for your current system.
  • Clean and breathable air – receiving maintenance services means clean filters, clean coils, and CLEAR AIR! Not only do you save money from HVAC maintenance, but you get the comfort of clean indoor air quality.

Additionally, giving your heating and air systems maintenance will be more beneficial in terms of warranty. Most equipment comes with warranty and if your warranty is still valid via maintenance, you can reap benefits here as well. Call My AC San Antonio today for any questions or to schedule a maintenance service today (210) 303-1777!