If your AC is approaching the end of its life and you know that it probably won’t survive another season, consider a winter replacement. It’s especially important in Texas to be prepared for the hot summer months, so don’t wait until spring to get your new AC. Find out why winter replacements can be more beneficial for you –

Scheduling Flexibility
The summer months can be hectic due to kids being out of school and air conditioning companies’ time being in high demand. This means that your trusted contractors may be completely booked. If you decide to get an AC replacement during the winter, you can take advantage of the flexibility of scheduling an appointment time that works best for you.

Optimizing Your Efficiency
The sooner you swap your system for a more energy efficient one, the more you can reap full savings on your energy bills. Knowing you have your system in place and ready to go will give you the advantage of being prepared for when the hot season arrives.

Savings, Savings, and more Savings
Due to the winter being considered the “slower season of HVAC”, you can expect to find more discounts and promotions. You can end up saving so much more during the winter months rather than summer months when AC services are high in demand! In fact, My AC San Antonio is offering FREE 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranties until December 31st on ALL qualifying complete systems from York. Instant savings and peace of mind!

Preparing for your AC replacement rather than getting a replacement due to an unexpected emergency allows for more breathing room and the opportunity to ensure the best prices. Get the appointment you want – when you want it and at the best price point by getting a winter AC replacement. Give us a call at (210) 303-1777 if you need our expert advice or replacement services.