Did you know that your home’s winter drafts can increase your energy bills up to 20%? My AC San Antonio has a few quick and inexpensive at-home tips that can save you money and bring back comfort to your home.

Implement weatherstripping

Apply weatherstripping to seal your windows and doors to eliminate air leaks. Doing this will block the air from entering, but you will still be able to open and close the door as you please. Check out Energy.gov’s guide for a more in-depth breakdown of which weatherstripping material is best for you.

Use insulated curtains

Hanging these thick, thermal curtains will prevent the added cold air from coming in. Allow the insulated material to keep your home warm. Be sure to keep the curtains closed at night and if you’d like to allow sunlight, you can keep them opened during the day.

Cover your windows with window film

Find window film at your local hardware store and cover your windows with this. Simply use a hair dryer to have the film completely wrap around the windows. This is another added step you can take to reduce heat loss from your windows.

Additionally, make sure to block the passageway of air in your chimney if your home has one.

Make sure to use all of our tips and tricks as a beginner’s guide to prevent drafts from coming into your home. If you’re still experiencing more draft than usual, contact your local HVAC professional My AC San Antonio for an expert opinion (210) 303-1777. Not only can we detect the main sources of issue, but we can provide the best energy efficient solutions for your home.