Let’s face it: winters in San Antonio, TX can be very inconsistent. Some days are very cold and some days are not. For those very cold days, these helpful tips can keep you warm and cozy this winter.

  1. Look for drafts in the house and check for broken seals on doors and windows. Using caulking or weather stripping to seal doors and windows will prevent drafts and air leaks and help to maintain an event temperature in your home. This is especially true for older homes.
  2. Take advantage of the natural heat from sunlight during the day. Open your south facing curtains to allow the natural sunlight to warm up your home.
  3. Check your insulation. Adding new or additional insulation to your ceilings, attic and walls will ensure that you keep outside air out and inside air in.
  4. Maintain your furnace to be sure it is working properly. Seasonal maintenance from a professional is recommended to maintain your warranty and keep your furnace in tip-top shape.
  5. Be sure air can travel from the conditioned spaces to the returns (where your filters are) with minimal obstructions. With closed doors and closed vents, your system can create a vacuum and start pulling in outside air from the attic or other unsealed spaces, making your system work even harder to deliver the desired temperature on the thermostat.

If you feel you need a furnace tune-up or would like to have an expert opinion on how you can best keep your home warm this winter, give us a call. You can trust My AC San Antonio with all of your heating and cooling needs. Call and schedule your appointment today at (210) 303-1777.