Purchasing a new AC system can be a HUGE decision but it may be worth it if it’s that time in your system’s life. Don’t know if you should front the money for another repair or a replacement? Let our experts weigh in on your issue over San Antonio AC repairs or replacements. All you need to do to begin is by asking yourself these four questions below!

  1. How old is my system?

The general guideline according to the EPA and Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR, states that air conditioners older than 10 years should be replaced. Depending on how well-maintained your system is can determine whether or not its life will be shorter or longer than 10 years. Your system may only last 7 years opposed to the 10-15 years it could last due to regular maintenance.

  1. How often does my HVAC system fail?

If your system is breaking down more frequently than a system should be, it’s best to save your money on the constant repair costs and invest in a new system instead.

  1. How well is my AC cooling my home?

Another significant sign that your system isn’t doing its job is if there are uneven temperatures within your home. Hot or cold spots may be an indicator for the need of an upgrade.

  1. Is my system making strange noises?

A noisy AC can mean that your system is overworking itself just to keep up with the temperatures you expect it to maintain.

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