In San Antonio, you may just be turning on your heater after a couple of months to uncover a nasty, burning smell. If this is the case, you may not need to panic. That burning smell could simply be the smell of the heater burning dust that has collected over the past few months. This is common in most households. Be sure to replace your dirty air filters and keep an eye on the time to make sure that the smell is gone in a few minutes.

Now if you notice a burning smell and your thermostat is set on COOL, you may want to turn off your system completely and contact a professional. If you find yourself in this predicament, your burning smell may mean one of the following things.

  • Overheating internal parts: Over time, your fan motor can wear out and end up straining harder just to function. The extra work your motor is doing is resulting in overheating and resulting in a burning smell. In this instance, you could be looking at needing to replace your motor or capacitor.
  • Malfunctioning fan belt: The fan belt is what helps the fan blades push air throughout your system and may need to be replaced if you have a belt-driven blower fan. In some cases, it may be overworking itself or just not functioning the way it’s meant to. Either way, the fan belt is burning off a rubbery, burnt smell and you may want to get it checked out.
  • Another electrical failure: The wires supporting your system are covered in plastic, so a burning smell may indicate that an electrical issue is burning through that plastic covering.

These are just some of the reasons why your system is expelling a burning smell. You may want to contact My AC San Antonio to help diagnose the problem and eradicate the issue as soon as possible.

You can reduce the need to call for emergency services for that burning smell by simply making sure your system is maintained on a regular basis. My AC San Antonio is offering Home Service Plans for as low as $99 a year. Our plan saves you time and money and includes winter and summer tune-ups, 10% off on all repairs, and more. Call and schedule your appointment today (210) 303-1777!